September 15th, 8pm at The Norbiton

Join us for an incredibly memorable evening, adventuring into Mine Diving in Sweden, with Johan Enqvist.

For hundreds of years Sweden has mined extensively for iron, copper, lead, zinc and gold as well as other metals. As the mines are abandoned they slowly fill with cold, clear water. This has left a divers’ playground with an endless supply of exploration. Although the diving levels can start hundreds of meters underground some of them are accessible for open water divers, and with up to 50 meters visibility, it makes for an incredible experience.

Other systems are requiring far more experience, and most of the mines are still largely unexplored. Långban Mine is the current focus of the team, they are busy constructing habitats at 6,12 and 20 meters to allow the deco stops in a safer way and allow them to journey deeper into the mine. With water temperatures ranging from 2 – 6 degrees equipment durability and quality becomes of
paramount importance. If it works in this environment, it works anywhere!

During the presentation, Johan will explain the background of mining in Sweden and the industrial archaeology aspect of diving, the equipment used for exploration and lessons learned from this, as well as how you can get involved if you’re looking for a new diving adventure.

Our presenter: Johan Enqvist is the owner of Reel Diving and has over 20 years experience of cave and mine diving. Currently he is part of a team of divers exploring the numerous abandoned mine systems in the ore region of Bergslagen, Sweden.

Photo Credit: Alex Dawson